Love is…

Not long ago I was sitting at my computer reading the very first social media trickling’s of the Australian postal vote that will very shortly be arriving in our mailboxes. Like many of you I felt a great sadness in the handling of this important issue by our government. Love, family, equality for all people, these are all issues that are very important to me. And so, the ‘Love is…’ project was born to give all couples in support of marriage equality in the Tasmanian community a voice and to show the beauty of love in all of its forms. These amazing people below volunteered to be a part of that project and I was beyond honoured and humbled to have each of them speak with me and allow me to photograph them. They of course tell it best…
Love is many things to each of us, it is diverse, it is beautiful, it is completely unique and yet astoundingly similar. Let us show our love in all the wonderful ways it expresses itself and embrace what is good and kind and beautiful in this world.

Love is…

... the ability to be yourself

“I guess what I didn’t realise, well I did realise deep down, I was actually transgender and that’s developed over the years to where I’ve been taking medication plus all my documents have changed to my new name and like when [she] was saying she never feels not supported, it’s the same for me, [she’s] been such an amazing support on that journey that it’s enabled me to be myself, be true to myself but above and beyond that, it’s the old cliché of soul mate type thing, we just bonded and we see everything the same.”

... cherishing every moment you have together

“I enjoy being with [her], especially after recent events. At every moment that I have, I do, I cherish every single moment together… I don’t take for granted our time together.”

... not having to be afraid

“It has changed, when I was younger... we used to go out and you’d have people who would throw bottles at you and people who, you know, would discriminate against you and say things and they would just be really nasty and a lot of my friends were afraid to come out because they didn’t want to be attacked or, you know, abused. It’s come a long way since then.”

... beautiful

“[Our wedding day] was beautiful, it was amazing, it was the best day of my life so far… we had a little property, probably a couple of acres, had a little cottage on it where we stayed and got ready and then there was a big old barn they’d converted, sort of all old country, rustic type environment… it was just beautiful.”

... always being there

“When I found out I had my cancer [she] looked after me really well, she was there and with every doctors appointment with everything, you know, because my head was a mess, she was writing it all down and telling me all the dates and the things that were going on so yeah and obviously at home by herself worrying about me in hospital and then looking after the family and going to work, that’s just crazy.”

... embracing our differences

“I love the fact that [she] thinks in extraordinarily different ways to me in some areas… or not thinks in different, she sees the world differently, she has her background as a meteorological observer so when she looks out the window she sees the sky in a way that I’ve never imagined, seeing and understanding, always saying what’s going [on], what does it signify, what does it portend. The fact that you can actually see the past and the future in the sky I find incredible and the fact that she’s writing a novel, I can’t imagine writing a novel I haven’t got a novel writing bone in my body, so this combination of the scientific mind that has a lens on the world that I can’t begin to imagine and then this creative mind, she’s a song writer she’s a novelist,… these things that I just can’t even imagine doing I find it so exciting.”


... equal

“[For me, marriage equality means] not feeling like a second grade citizen... not feeling that I am not right as a person because I musn’t be if I can’t marry the person I love, why would I not be able to marry the person that I love?”



... butterflies

“On our first date we went to the beach… she was so nervous… I was so nervous too… god it was funny.”


... a moment

"When we first met… all we said to each other was hello and then we were driving across the Nullarbor, weren’t we, listening to music and that song [You had me at hello] came on and we both kind of looked at each other and went that’s our song."


... overcoming challenges

"There’s been heaps of hurdles hasn’t there… [but] having people that love you for who you are in your life I guess, that’s what you learn, you learn who’s going to be there for the rest of your life, we overcome it."

This project which is such an important part of our history and story as Australians has been turned into a beautiful hard cover book available for purchase through my products tab. 


Finally a huge thank you to all of my wonderful volunteers, without whom this wouldn't have been possible!